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Arcade Game Joystick


Question: Do I have to be a member to enter? 

No! We allow day passes for our guests so come and try us out! If you love the Club then we highly encourage you to get a free Atomic Oxygen membership that gives you unlimited entry to Del-Vue Arcade Club with lots of perks!

We also have paid memberships with big benefits & savings so check them out too!

Question: Does it cost any money to enter the Club?

No! We are a pay to play Arcade Club and don't believe in the free play per hour charge. We have free games to play like Ping Pong, Corn Hole, Board Games and Arcade game of the Month so you can just come and hang out. We also believe in the sting? What's that? If you lose in a game you have to swipe again versus free play where you can just keep playing. We want you to feel the "sting" of defeat. lol.


Question:  How do I play the games?

Your membership card acts as both a membership ID and game card - all in one! Our Club is equipped with a swipe kiosk system that adds points to your member card so you can simply walk up to each game, swipe and play!

Each point represents .25 cents and the more you spend, the more bonus points you get.

Question:  What games do you have to play?

Please check out our games page to see what we've currently got. Keep in mind we keep adding and updating so there may be some surprises when you get there!

Question:  Do you book private parties, charities or events?

We sure do. You must be a member to rent your Club so please visit the private event page for more details.

Question:  Do you have any food or drink there?

Right now we are carrying tasty little snacks and candies along with soft drinks, water, and capri suns. Some examples are: Bag Chips (variety), Candy and candy bars, Xtremes, Coke, and Sprite. We hope to be adding a lot more in the near future but these should keep you happy.

Question:  Is anything free? 

Definitely. Our mission is to make the Club your happy place. We have a private backyard that offers ping pong and corn hole on the house. We have a variety of board and table games too. Members just come to hang out and enjoy the vibe and free wi-fi. Oh, we almost forgot! We also have a free arcade game of the month always running.

Question: Will you be getting more pinball machines?

Yes! Right now we three cult classics:  Attack from Mars, Batman and Monopoly for our members. We will be adjusting our fun factor based on what our members want. Keep in mind, this is your CLUB so our job is to make you happy.

Question: Will you be changing out games, keeping things fresh?

Absolutely! We are starting with an amazing variety of old and new games for everyone. As a member you will have a vote to what new games we should get! 

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